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Privacy is not something that I’m merely entitled to, it’s an absolute prerequisite.”

– Marlon Brando

I love this quote from Marlon Brandon, it is just so sad that we as a society giving up our Privacy in a blink of an eye. All just to have the things in our lives that enslave us and destroy our privacy.

I will not dive into history from the beginning of time. You have access to TOR Browser or Brave and for the person that does not value privacy and value comfort above privacy, you can surf Google Chrome.

Let’s look at how your privacy is removed from your life on a daily basis.

Each country in the world has its own Data-protection, GDPR, and more laws. This is mainly to protect you as a consumer or as a customer against corporate onslaughts. Just think each time you sign up or sign in to a website online I.E. Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and millions more. You expose your private details to corporations and cookies. You need to stop for a moment and think about what details you share online. Our data is not just at risk online, but when we go shopping we have our privacy at risk. We are daily surrounded by CCTV cameras, strangers when we swipe our debit/credit cards, and yes some time depending on a product we have to sign and agree to paperwork or even sometimes need to share our Government ID. All this information might just be data for you but is your personal Private data. Yes, I agree sometimes our data is collected to “protect” ourselves against others. The big question how secure is our private data store and use.

Our Privacy is all that we have when we are born and when we die. We cannot take any earthly procession with us when we die. You cannot hide your Privacy from God.

Our money is about to transform and this is something we have to think about as we have world Central Banks working on CDBC money. This is just another money system to FOOL the masses. You know Financial Slavery keeps you stupid about what money really is and how criminal the money creation systems are. CBDC will be digital programmable money a digital version of Fiat money. The young generation will flock to it at masses, where Gen X and older will kick against it. But sadly Fiat money will move and die. CBDC will be programmed with conditions and if you don’t agree to the conditions well then you will not be able to purchase a car or property or even rent your flat. Yes during recessions they can add conditions that If you don’t spend your money the CBDC could expire. Forcing you to spend your money to help boost the economy. They can even put conditions in for tax. Like when your salary is paid into your account, taxes are taken out automatically. So what can your accountant do to help you save on Tax? Well, that is gone. It will be We take your money until you can prove you overpaid.

I want you to sit back and watch This Video on Privacy and Surveillance by the Keiser Report!

Privacy is up to you and not the Government or Regulators’ responsibility to keep your details private. One of the best Crypto Currencies in this space is Pirate Chain.

Welcome Pirate Chain

Pirate Chain is one of the world’s most Private and Secure Crypto Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies. I stumble on it only in September 2021. I was watching a Rant and Rave from our Dollar Vigilante the one and only Mr. Jeff Berwick. He ended his video with a really really catchy tune all about a Pirate Chain. I had to run off to go and do my own investigations. What I found was just brilliant.

Before I dive deeper in to sails of Pirate Chain, I want to share with you the video that captures my Imagination.

Big Shout here to Pirate Mantra and Crypto Vigilante


Pirate Chain coin is called (ARRR) and it is a 100% private send cryptocurrency. It uses a privacy protocol that cannot be compromised by other users’ activity on the network. Pirate Chain (ARRR) uses ZK-Snarks to shield 100% of the peer-to-peer transactions on the blockchain making for highly anonymous and private transactions.

To learn more about Pirate Chain you can download their White Paper here:

What I really like about Pirate Chain is that Pirate Chain is an asset on the Komodo Platform Eco-System. Komodo was born from a hard fork from one of the most popular Privacy coins called ZCASH. Now Zcash itself was a hard-fork from Bitcoin itself. The same features have been designed in bitcoin by our mystery man MR Satoshi Nakamoto. Now within the Komodo Eco-System, the features are Zcash Parameters and zk-SNARKs tech.

Zk-SNARKsis one of the most powerful forms of blockchain privacy in existence, as the provided privacy, is effectively permanent.

This statement is even highlighted by the main representative of Monero, Riccardo “fluffy-pony” Spagni:

“ZCash’s zkSNARKs provide much stronger untraceability characteristics than Monero (but a much smaller privacy set and much higher systemic risk)”

Now that you know a bit more about ARRR (Pirate Chain). Let’s look at some market cap information. The source I use is CoinGecko and the Info here is a direct feed.

Yes, you can mine Piratechain if you want or you can trade it on some selected exchanges or lastly and this is what I do personally, is to purchase and storing ARRR on my Mobile Wallet. 

You can download a full node Wallet a Lite wallet or a Mobile wallet and for the really safe one a paper wallet.

If you feel like Donating ARRR for my opinion on Pirate Chain, you can do it here:

Now, here is the last video I want to share with you before you dive deeper into Pirate Chain. This is a short 5 min video as I know your time is Limited. We will miss John Macfee. From RT channel on Youtube.

More to explorer

Your Freedom and Privacy is up to you to protect. We in a WAR to protect with what is our right at Birth and at Death. Standup and protect your family and those like minded to you. Wolfs are scares between a flock of sheep!