Wealth Retainer Remainder

We are the creators of our world

Profits are better than wages

Leverage Sales Profesional

Leverage sales are the most powerful industry in the world. Becoming a Professional in this industry look simple, but it is not easy. The golden rule is to be committed, consistent and coach-able. Get yourself a mentor.

Gold and Silver Saver

Most people simple don't understand or know how to start with gold. I teach ordinary people to Save in God's money Gold and silver. Gold is an insurance against the devaluation of our paper money. It is know as the insurance policy against inflation. If the wealthy and central banks save in Gold and silver so should we!

Investor in income producing Assets

Most people today, live pay check to pay check. It is a struggle for most people to find the balance between bills and income. I teach ordinary folks to start investing into Equity Platforms as a stakeholder and earn from dividends and increase value of share prices. Backed by real assets from mother earth

Our Health is the most powerful Asset

Most people ignore their health. They too focused on working and collecting overtime just to keep their bills paid. I teach people to improve a balance health through amazing health supplements. We need to have good health to enjoy our wealth!

Bitcoin investor and teacher

Most people either believe the "fake" media reporting how bad Bitcoin is. Or they heard of a friend of a friend that lost money on Bitcoin. I teach people, how to use Bitcoin as a payment system and they can multiply they Bitcoin holdings

Forex investor

I love FOREX and spend lost of money in learning how the FOREX market work. Education in this market space is key. Knowledge minimise your risk. I teach my wealth builders group how to take part of their profits from Leverage sales and push it into a manage FOREX account.

E-Commerce creator and profiteer

This is the future of how the masses will spend their hard earned money. Most people will not be able to see the opportunity in this space. Together, with my business partner in the Whale Business Club, we are building a brand in this space. A true 4 hour work week!!

CO-Founder Of whale Business Club

This is most likely my biggest dream. In 2011 I took a note book and drawn out a vision I had of what I want to achieve. This note book ended up in a storage container. In the meantime my business partner and I started to build out the Whale Business Club at the beginning of 2019. 2020 when clearing my storage boxes I found the model I drawn our in 2011. We created an hidden vision

buddies recommending me

I met Shaun about 3 years ago and since then it has been and is a pleasure working with him. I was particularly impressed by Shaun's ability to handle even the toughest situations—effortlessly. As a Team builder he is all about helping people grow not only personally but also financially. On top of it his IT skills are second to none. Looking forward to grow together even further.
Claudia Eifert
I met Shaun in 2017 and since then we have build up a successful network with in the Whale Business Club. It is an absolute pleasure to have partner up with Shaun in our Branding and in our UK limited companies. He is a great team motivator and team builder. He is a great Funnel and web builder. He loves to stand on a stage and share his knowledge. If you want to change your life, time to work with Shaun.
Paul De Janon