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Residual income is a great way of building up your affiliate income without constantly having to sell more and more. One of the best ways of doing this is to find services that people need to pay for on an ongoing basis. If they need them to run their businesses then, unless they are actually unhappy with the service and look for another provider, then you should be able to rely on a solid monthly income from just one sale.

One of the most obvious things that most marketers need is web hosting. If you are in business on the web then you are very likely to have your own web site and unless you are a big marketer and have your own server then you will need web hosting. There are many affiliate programs that pay good commission for finding new customers for their web hosting, but not all of these pay you a residual income. Some of them just pay you for getting new customers to sign up, but do not pay any further commissions.

One good way to get a good web hosting affiliate deal is to go for a reseller account. This means that you effectively become a web hosting supplier, but without the hassle. You can sell web hosting that is provided by the company that you have the reseller account with as though it was your own. So you can have your own brand and sell from your own web site. In effect you are buying the web hosting from the original supplier, very often along with all of the support services and then you sell it for a premium to your customers.

Being a web hosting affiliate or reseller can give you a great residual income. After all there are not many people that only have their web site for a month or two. So as long as you make sure that you are with a web host that supplies good quality services and support for their customers at a good price then you can generate a great monthly for yourself.

And it has the benefit of being nearly hands free. So long as you have a host that provides the support, then all you need to do is to cash your monthly check and make sure that your host is paid on time. This gives you plenty of time to find new custoimers to add to your new expanding residual income.

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