Vitamark is the best option between leading tier and standard network marketing

The other day I spent an hour or so listening to a discussion regarding standard mlm business opportunities as opposed to Top tier network marketing businesses which I found extremely interesting.

In that discussion it was explained that a regular MLM compensation plan will take 1800 individuals to 10,000 individuals in your downline to create $ 10,000 a month income.

A top tier mlm company takes considerably fewer distributors inside your downline. It could be 1 to 20 distributors to generate that $ 10,000 a month.

The start up cost for a regular network marketing company ranges from $ 100 to $ 500 while the up front investment for a top Tier company ranges from $ 500 to $ 10,000. You are able to see that a top tier business requires a higher investment but the returns appear to be a lot much better.

No one is saying that either a standard or top tier business is not exciting to people but let’s say we told you about a business opportunity that requires the exact same investment as a standard multilevel marketing company with the pay back of a top tier business?

If you could provide $ 300 to join a company and then only need 350 to 400 distributors to acquire that magical $ 10,000 per month, might that be exciting?

That’s less than 1/5 of the standard number of distributors and you should get to full-time income. Why would you ever think about a standard mlm business when you can get full-time earnings with only 350 to 400 inside your group?

In contrast to a top tier company the monthly product investment required for this company in only $ 125 to $ 150, which makes it very affordable for the majority of individuals.

The question you’re asking right now; is how any business can give you $ 10,000 a month for a monthly buy of $ 150 and with only 350 to 400 individuals inside your group? This is the question that many people ask and it is about automation and company streamlining.

Vitamark International is actually a 5 pillar company that offers an opportunity for individuals who cannot afford a top tier investment but who still want to get to a full-time income quickly.

The $ 10,000 a month being described relies upon recurring monthly purchases of wellness items but does not take into account the additional income you can generate through fast start and break even retail bonuses. These just add to your income.

As soon as you take a look at the opportunity that Vitamark offers, it’ll be simple to figure out why they’re consider a low investment top tier company. They’re a true 5 pillar business with great value priced products, amazing compensation strategy, a solid business model and a lot more.

The investment required to sign up with Vitamark is low but the return is extremely high which makes them the best option to both standard and top tier network marketing companies. You receive the best of both worlds.

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