HISTORY… (Swiss Gold Global rebranded to Utopian Global in November 2018)

In 2008 the company was founded in Switzerland with an office in Panama. First foundation was build around the Joseph Wealth Story. Joseph told Pharaoh the seven healthy cows represented seven years of harvest. The seven gaunt cows represented seven years of famine.

This story brought together the beginnings of Swiss Gold Global to help ordinary people make extra ordinary income during economic booms to save guard themselves against economic down turns.

Since 2008 we helped our members build and save in Gold and Silver. We offered an Premium Education program to help them gain knowledge in saving in products from mother earth

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William Rowell

Our founder and CEO; Mr William Rowell has been an entrepreneur since 1986 as a hotel group owner, in the 1990’s he invested in 3 business with Robert T Kiyosaki, 2003 he met a Bullion banker Philip Judge, who introduced him to the world of Precious Metals, 2004 he invested in an Energy fund with the bullion banker and Mr Ryan Messer.

He has investment experience in the energy resource space going back 15 years, a licensed precious metal trader in the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, UAE and in the last 3 years expanded his business to include virtual digital currencies and the underlying validation process, cloud-based blockchain mining.

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