Ever heard that SEO is dead? I can assure you SEO is far from DEAD. It will be with us for a long time.


If you are blog owner you most likely looking for a great way to boost your rankings, increase organic traffic and make sales form your service or products. I personally make use of squirrly.co. and I do recommend this highly to anyone looking for a SEO system that works every time. Staying up to day with Change by Google, works great for Bing, Yahoo and more search engines

Lest look at the Main Areas of SEO and how Squirrly will help you to the top.




Frist it analyst, how Frequently you Post Blogs. If you post frequently it will advise you if you post too much and too quick or if you post to slow and too little. Posting often is very important for search engines and also for the people who are following your blog. Posting every day gets you into Google News and makes search engine crawlers index your articles faster.

Immediately after you finish publishing, the first thing you need to do is make the search engines aware of a fresh item of content on your website. Squirrly will advise the best places to ping your post too

Then Squirrly goes to work. Does your site have a feed or a sitemap? Now, you ask me, why is this important? Having a site feed will help search engines stay up to date with your content and ensures that they find the links in your site, that you want potential customers to find. When readers subscribe to your feed, they will obtain fresh and suitable content, such as news articles, educational articles, etc., which include links to your complete articles. Users can acquire your feed to their feed reader on all devices by clicking on the RSS icon or link

Squirrly advise you on the best way to Optimizing your articles in order to be found better by the people who search online. This ensures that your content will end up actually being read. That's why you wrote it in the first place, right?

Optimizing your content for a keyword or keyphrase is important for both humans and search engines, because it sends a clear idea on what your article is about. Your readers will find out what they're interested in much easier, and search engines will start recognizing you as an authority in that area.

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