Scentsy Opportunity – Do Not Join Until You Read This

Are you thinking of supplementing or replacing your income by joining Scentsy as an independent consultant? What do it take to be successful in this business? There are something which you need to know before you join this business.

1. Scentsy, a Direct Sales MLM Company

Scentsy started its operation in 2004, now based in Meridian, Idaho. The company sells different types of fragrance wickless candles, with candle warmers, which operates safer than regular lit candles.
The highly scented fragrances in the wax are released upon warmed up by the candle warmer using a low power bulb.
Scentsy is an MLM company that sells their product using Direct Selling. As an independant consultant, you will sell the product directly to the customers. When you sell above certain sales amount, you will receive commissions. Leadership Bonus are also paid out to team/group leaders who built teams of consultants, and these bonuses becomes the residual income.

2. How to Join Scentsy as a Consultant?

To begin, you will purchase a $ 99 starter kit, which will include about 8 types of Party Fragrance Testers, various demonstration products and a comprehensive business supplies of product catalogs, Party/Training DVD, Brochures, Business Cards, etc.

You will then need to keep your membership active by maintaining a $ 150 Personal Retail Volume(PRV) every 3 months.

You can also subscribe to a replicated webstore/website for US$ 10 per month, which your customers can visit to purchase products.

3. Commission and Bonus Structure

As a start you will be paid 20% of your PRV. In the beginning, you get paid 20% of your PRV
Upon reaching the $ 1,000 PRV, the company will begin to pay you 25% of your following sales. Furthermore, you can stand to receive 2-9% of the wholesale volume based on your minimum PRV and Group Wholesale volume, once you have built a team of consultants.

4. Party Plan and Scentsy

Scentsy is a big fan of party plan and had been using this marketing strategy since its inception, however it is also flexible enough to let the independent consultant decide what works for them. This strategy had been successful for a handful of consultants and helped them to realize their financial goals. However it does require a lot of time and effort to organize and follow up, mostly manually. Alternatively there are also many top earners in Scentsy leveraging on online automated tools and systems to put them on the fast track of success.

5. Non High Ticket Products

Scentsy products are not high ticket, which makes it is easier to sell. Ironically it means that you would need to sell a lot of it to make a significant commission.

6. What commission income are we talking about here?

Just for an example, this is what it takes to make $ 1000 in commission:

If you sell a Sampler Multi Pack at $ 105, at 20% commission, you will make $ 21.

You will receive about $ 210 for first 10 sales.

And the next 31 Sales, you will receive $ 813.75 with a 25% commission rate.

All in, you will receive $ 1023.75 for selling 41 sets of Sampler Multi Pack.

This is totally workable if you can invite 5 new friends to a Scentsy party each time, organize 8 Scentsy parties and make sure each of your friends buy at least 1 sampler Multi pack.

While this seems doable, you will need a lot of commitment, networking and time. Fortunately, Scentsy does allow you to market your products online and thus leveraging your time and effort to promote the products and services. But Scentsy does not provide a Marketing System to help you generate new leads and convert them to customers or business partners.

A good Marketing system is one that will help you to attract massive traffic and generate lots of leads for you, and convert these leads to cashflow even if they do not buy your Scentsy product or join your business.

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