Yes, to hire a graphic designer you'll be paying upwards of $100-$1,000's of dollars...And software such as adobe Photoshop and other apps cost you monthly fees of up to $47 p/m for their design suites...

... And although we are going to also be turning this app into a monthly payment plan, if you get access today during this 4 day launch promotion... We're giving you a LIFETIME account! No monthly fees, no extra charges just a small one time price and much less than you would pay for just one design from a graphic designer!
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"MoonPixlar is a no brainer! Images and graphics are key to the success of my online brand and the reason I’ve reached more that 5 million views to my blog. Whether creating shareable social media content or creating content for my site, I find myself creating images every single day. You won’t find a more easy to use, and high quality graphic software out there!"
- Susie Romans |
“Moon Pixlar has been a genuine breath of fresh air for me! As somebody that loves to create my own graphics and do my own design, it’s amazing to have a tool that allows me to quickly knock up graphics within minutes! No need for expensive tools and complex software — Moon Pixlar makes graphic creation easy for the complete newbie, and is still very accessible for the more advanced users. Great job guys!”
- Joey Xoto. SmartVideoPersuasion LTD |

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