Invado Review – Success as a Distributor

If you are reading this Invado International Review, than it is obvious that you are trying to discover more info on the company. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz on this company around Facebook and I decided to do some investigation on the company. In this review, I will cover the company, the products and also the compensation plan.

Invado International is a fairly new direct marketing company that was founded in 2010 in Chagrin Falls, OH. The company name at that time was Unity Option International and their only product in the time was option energy. The company added two new products Every day Referral and Sozo in 2011 and changed its name over to Invado International. The company operates in fifty states right now and just opened up their doors to Canada. They’ll continue to expand international in the future.

The company has strong leaders behind the company. Damon Mintz is the company’s President and CEO. He has a lot of years inside the market and he also served as vice President of ACN International. ACN is network marketing company that is in telecommunications.

Invado International Products

You’ll find 3 products and services that the company markets. They are Daily Referral, UCI and SoZo. Daily Referral is what the company calls the subsequent generation of on the internet group getting. This can aid buyers save 50% of everyday deals in their nearby community. This works out for each the consumer along with the business. The consumer gets every day discounts along with the business makes sales and only pay when people make a obtain. USI is power services that the company has which are 8 de-regulated states. Shoppers are given a option to pick their gas and electric organizations. They only operate with licensed power suppliers which are in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio and New York. Sozo Tech is the telecommunication service of the company. Buyers can acquire high speed internet services and telephone services by getting referred towards the company.

Invado International Compensation Plan

There was not a lot of info on the compensation plan. As a distributor you can get paid retail commissions from the products and services that people use by way of the company. When you create a team, you can begin to earn residual income.

Success with Invado

Invado looks to be a solid company with solid products and services that people use each and every day. It is not a scam it is a legitimate company. From what I can see, the company is referral based to ensure that mean that you build your business by recruiting buddies and family members and they recommend utilizing social media. I really feel that that is a best way to create a direct marketing company, but there are two problems that a lot of people face. The very first problem is they will run out of people to talk to and also the second problem is that people will go on the social media site and spam the internet site. I suggested that you turn use an attraction marketing technique that may assist you create leads, give you auto-pilot cash and teach you how to sponsor people into your Invado business. This can also teach you how to effectively construct your business on social media internet sites. You will also have to find out how to brand your self and become the leader.

Theresa Jordan wrote this Invado Review . Social Media is a great way to build your business but many people fail because they span the networks instead of giving value.

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