Improve Your Lifepath Unlimited Business By Using Video Squeeze.

Creating a quality squeeze page is essential to the success of your Lifepath Unlimited business. A squeeze is a webpage where your audience only has one option, to get more information they need to provide their details. These details are golden to the success of your Lifepath Unlimited business as they give you the opportunity to build an email list that can be used for years to come. Here are some things you should know to ensure you create the perfect squeeze.

There are many reasons to have a squeeze page for your Lifepath Unlimited business. The most important one being they dramatically increases your chances of getting email addresses of people who are interested in your product. Some people in Lifepath Unlimited have got an outstanding 80% success right of getting that email address.

There are some skeptics when it comes to Squeeze pages however they are seeing a squeeze page from the wrong angle. Some people think that they do not give enough information for anyone to possibly buy the product. They are right they dont, but they are not trying to sell your product they are trying to get you email addresses so you can have endless opportunities to sell your product. The idea of a squeeze is to provide just enough information that your potential Lifepath Unlimited customers feel they just have to give their email address to find out the juicy information you are holding back. Another belief is that people will never trust you enough to give their email address, my thought on this one, they give their credit card details, giving an email address to most people in todays society is natural, like telling someone your name.

Squeeze pages can provide you with the email addresses of potential Lifepath Unlimited customers. This means that you will have endless opportunities to sell your products to potential customers, directly to their inbox. Personally I believe this is the best way to sell. Unlike websites and other forms of media that are a once off selling opportunity, you can sell to people you know are interested over and over.

Using video is an ideal way of creating an effective squeeze. Video has a high status on the internet and people in general. The reason for this is because people respond to visuals and video is the ultimate visual showing multiple frames of visuals every second. Video will allow you to explain the process of filing out your form (you will be amazed how many people will appreciate this help). By showing your face on video you will also increase the value of your squeeze.

Having an auto play video is ideal on a squeeze page. Auto play videos mean that it is guaranteed that anyone who visits your squeeze page will hear your video. Some people just wont press that play button so take that possibility out and ensure it is pressed for them to hear the great stuff you have to say about your Lifepath Unlimited products. When choosing a third party video player keep this in mind as many do not have this feature.

Also make sure your audio is top standard. Ensure that your voice is clear and there are no background noises that effect getting your message out loud and clear. You will be amazed by the people who will not give their details because your video has poor audio. However we shouldnt be that surprised seeing poor audio means poor quality and poor value defiantly does not create value for your Lifepath Unlimited business.

A quality squeeze can set your Lifepath Unlimited business up for great success. If you are not already using a squeeze set one up now! Your Lifepath Unlimited business will benefit from it dramatically. And if you are already using one, ensure that it is up to standard and screams value, because value is what will get you those emails addresses. And more importantly email addresses are what can get you sales!

Want to chat with some one who is knows how to build a successful Lifepath Unlimited team then go to my website, enter your contact details and we can have a chat. Christy Snape is a 2009 Lifepath Unlimited peak performer who in matter of only three months was earning a 5 figure monthly income.

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