How to Find Out If An Affiliate Program Is Legitimate?

Last 2011,, conducted an online survey about Internet fears, and it showed that the majority of respondents were mostly concerned with online security, service and product reliability. It also showed that most individuals were concerned about obtaining the best online shopping deals. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission discovered that out of every 47 Americans, one gets victimized by identity theft every single day. To support this, VeriSign recently reported that 83% of shoppers are worried about identity theft and security after an online purchase and the FBI reported that 60% of online crime is related to sellers who don’t deliver products.
Considering these facts, it makes sense that affiliate marketers are worried about scams too. In fact, most of them are so concerned about being scammed that they’re afraid to venture into the affiliate marketing field. Although some affiliate marketers get scammed, the vast majority doesn’t! Is it because of luck? No, its simply because they consistently follow these six rules when dealing with companies:
1. They watch their pocketbook and don’t fall for blatant scams. When it comes to affiliate marketing, affiliates don’t have to shell out much cash or any to make money. After all, the company should be paying them to market the product or service not them paying the company. That is, if an affiliate program charges some lavish membership fee or an excessive amount of money to participate in the program, these affiliates know it is a scam and stay away. The only exception to this is about shelling out money upfront. Smart affiliates realize that it’s a smart idea to actually purchase a product or service before they market it. This way, they can vouch for the product and avoid products that fall short of expectations. In addition, they can actually give their targeted audience first-hand user experience when they market it.
2. They understand the commission structure before signing up. Second, smart affiliates know exactly what they’re getting when they join an affiliate program. They don’t just take the company’s word for it. Instead, they research the commission structure and how they’ll be paid. They know basic questions like whether there is a minimum payout amount, whether payments are made via check or direct deposit, whether the company will provide any marketing material to assist them in their marketing efforts, and other important issues.
3. They have realistic expectations. They realize that affiliate marketing is not a lazy man’s get-rich plan. They know it can be lucrative but only if they put in the necessary effort. That is, they are willing to use creative marketing strategies like social media marketing, press releases, display ads, etc to get exposure for their products.
4. They conduct intensive research about the company. Companies aren’t always truthful with their marketing tactics or how great their products are. Therefore, smart affiliates conduct their own research to find out if the company is indeed legitimate and if they actually pay their affiliates. They aren’t afraid to check the BBB for any complaints or to visit forums and scam report sites like the rip off report to see if there are negative reports filed against the company to discover the truth.
5. They track their marketing efforts and make necessary changes. Smart affiliates only deal with companies that offer legitimate tracking systems. They check tracking codes during promotional efforts and may even ask a family or friend to purchase the product to ensure that they actually get credit for it. After all, they don’t want to waste money selling products when their efforts aren’t being tracked.
In conclusion, affiliate marketing isn’t easy and many people fall victims to scam companies all the time. However, if you don’t buy into programs, understand the commission structure and how payments work, conduct your research, track your efforts, and put in the necessary effort, you can avoid scams and make money as an affiliate. Moreover, if you want to find and choose established partners, track your efforts with reliable and verified tools, avoid scamers you should find online affiliate program network for that. One of the reputable affiliate marketing network companies is Click2Sell.EU which offers products for affiliates to promote and tools how to do it successfully. You just have to be willing to work and the money will come.

Lina Stakauskaite is employee at Click2Sell.EU Affiliate Programs Network.
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