Find An Affordable Home Business Opportunity

When given the choice between a top tier high ticket program and a more affordable home business opportunity, you should consider three things. First, if you are planning on profiting on sales, the programs that require investments greater than $ 500 for their top tier profit levels are unaffordable to 80% of the opportunity searchers. Second, if you don’t have a large budget for pay-per-click, you may not be able to effectively reach the 20% who can afford to buy into your top tier program. And third, reaching the masses of those searching for home business ideas with free marketing methods is easier if your targeting 80% of the available buyers instead of 20%. It is all about the size of your target market.

It is estimated that there are 25 million people per day searching for an at home business. Eighty percent of these internet home business searchers cannot afford over $ 700 to invest in a program. Ninety percent of those cannot afford over $ 500. What is the difference in the size of your daily target market for a $ 1000 program versus a $ 400 program? Eighteen million more opportunities per day! Wow.

I’m not saying top tier doesn’t work. Of course it does. But big budget pay-per-click marketers will skim the vast majority of the rewards of a much smaller target market. If you are working on a slim budget creating your own advertising content and you cannot afford pay per click, which market would you rather be in? I prefer two or three $ 250 commissions daily to one $ 1000 commissions every two weeks hands down.

Again, the small guy writing articles, doing videos and working the social media in an expensive top tier program will compete for a small percentage of internet home business seekers. This practically eliminates the middle class of moderately successful marketers in top tier high programs. If you are a small budget guy or gal building your business on sweat equity, wouldn’t you rather compete for a smaller prize in a huge ocean of opportunity? I think the numbers work better there.

In summary, if you are on a limited budget make the smart choice. Find yourself an affordable home business opportunity for less than $ 500 that you can start profiting from immediately. Work hard and build up to one of those top tier programs if you must. But do it the smart way, if you have a low budget for marketing, work the affordable programs first.

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