Does Affiliate Marketing Really Make Money?

It seems that one of the most popular ways for people to make money on the internet is through affiliate programs. Understanding what these are and how they work is key to making money with affiliate marketing.

An affiliate program is a program that many companies have that they offer to people as a way to make money, without being employed by the company.

All types of companies have affiliate programs, and the purpose of the program is get “free” advertising done by their affiliates.

The affiliates are people like you and me that sign up for the program that the company has to offer and we go out and promote their product, usually you are given a special link with your “ID” at the end.

This is free advertising for the company because they are not paying for the advertising that you are doing. What the company pays is a percentage of sale that you create.

When you sign up for an affiliate program you are given a special link with your code at the end. There are some affiliate programs that actually give you a webpage and a back office to use to help you promote their product.

You go out and promote your site, or you add your link to you’re the signature of your emails or you promote the product on your own site. Usually with the link, most companies will provide you with banner ads that you can also cut and past into your site.

The way you are paid is by generating a sale. So promoting and marketing is really up to you. The more you promote, the more traffic you can get, the more sales you will have.

With each sale you are paid a percentage of the sale. There isn’t a set minimum of maximum, the percentage amount is set by each individual company. Some are more generous then others.

Joining an affiliate program is really quite easy. You can do a simple internet search of “affiliate programs” or you can look at your favorite sites on the net and see if they offer an affiliate program. Then you simply fill out the form they have, confirm your email and you are an affiliate.

The tips to improve your results with an affiliate program are rather simple in and of themselves.

First, I highly recommend signing up for an affiliate program that promotes a product that you have used, or that you know about.

The last thing in the world you want to do is promote a product that… well… sucks. Your future customers aren’t going to remember the product as much as the fact the will remember that you told them to get something that didn’t work.

Second, if the program offers a site, create your own. Make sure that you check with the rules of the program to make sure you are able to create and promote your own site with their information. I say this because if they are offering you a site, they are offering that site to every affiliate they have. The search engines are pretty smart these days, and they are really good at getting rid of duplicate content sites.

Finally, my third tip is promote yourself more then you promote the product. This is called self branding. If you want to build a strong, solid client base then you have to sell your reputation to them.

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