Affiliate Marketing Strategies: How To Get More Sales By Choosing The Right Affiliate Program

Are your affiliate commissions coming in too slowly for your taste? Have you been trying to accelerate your income, without much success? Read on for five tips on how to achieve affiliate marketing success by choosing the best programs for you.

1) Focus on your niche

The first key is “niche.” You want to make sure that you focus on one niche at a time in order to maximize your success. The best source of commissions is by recommending products to your list, which hopefully consists of subscribers who know, like, and trust you. If it doesn’t, working on improving things should be the first item on your agenda.

2) Picking great products

The next key is focusing on great products. By that I mean products that truly deliver exceptional quality and value for a very fair price. It doesn’t even have to be a ridiculously low price, but it should be very reasonable.

How do you pick those products? It’s best if you know and use them personally. Glowing recommendations from people you trust are also helpful. Ideally, you have both.

3) Pick the right affiliate programs

Why did I put the product first? Because the product SHOULD come first. If the product doesn’t measure up, the best pay-out plan won’t do you much good. However, once you find good products, chances are the affiliate program will have more good products for you to promote, and that will be idea.

So the first step to picking the right affiliate program is to select one that has lots of great products. Nothing is more important than that.

4) Look for good cookies

Next, you should look for cookies, preferably cookies that last for a long time. A great affiliate program will place cookies on the computers of the people you send, and if they buy something now or in the future, you will earn commissions. This is always great. And you can probably see how it’s helpful to have picked a program with great products – because otherwise repeat purchases would be few and far between.

5) Track conversion

Conversion is a touchy subject, and it’s hard to get reliable numbers up front. Product owners can sometimes be overly optimistic about conversion, or they measure it in a way that doesn’t adequately reflect how their sales pages would convert if you sent your own traffic there.

For example, product owners might pick the best of the best rates they got, possibly when mailing to their own list of buyers. Chances are very good that you won’t get those conversion rates when you mail to your own list.

Instead, track your own numbers and results. ClickBank does this kind of tracking for you. In the analytics section, you can see exactly how many clicks it took to get each sale.

With most other affiliate programs, you’ll have to do your own tracking. And if you find a real winner, be sure to make it a priority to promote it. That’s an affiliate marketing strategy that works.

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